Are you tired of playing your hard earned money on low rated games that might win 50% of the time? Are you looking for some strong games you can bet out on each weekend, or a few games a night and show a profit?

THEN LOOK NO FURTHER! These plays are not for small pool players or those who need ten to fifteen plays a weekend for action or five daily. Your legal Sportsbook loves you when you play that many low rated games, because they know that they are going to take your money.


If you want a strong play to start the week off right or to help you get out after making too many low rated plays then call:  (410) 536-5111 After 11:30 AM ET on weekends, or between 5 PM and 7 PM ET on weekdays for that strong play, no charge.  Use code "GKG PLEASE".  You will be speaking to a live professional handicapper, not a recording.  One Free Winner per lifetime.

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